Poem of the day

L’Envoi (Departmental Ditties)
by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

The smoke upon your Altar dies,
⁠      The flowers decay,
The Goddess of your sacrifice
⁠      Has flown away.
What profit then to sing or slay
The sacrifice from day to day?

“We know the Shrine is void,” they said,
⁠      “The Goddess flown—
“Yet wreaths are on the altar laid—
⁠      “The Altar-Stone
“Is black with fumes of sacrifice,
“Albeit She has fled our eyes.

“For, it may be, if still we sing
⁠      “And tend the Shrine,
“Some Deity on wandering wing
⁠      “May there incline;
“And, finding all in order meet,
“Stay while we worship at Her feet.”

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