One thought on “Reproductive health care is health care? That’s heresy to the right

  1. Medicine is always contextualized by the surrounding culture, and there are zillions of activities that could plausibly be called medical that are encouraged or suppressed by our culture. Consider the recent to-do about the supposedly gene-edited babies in China. Though of course, medicine that affects reproduction is the hottest area for those interactions, because reproduction-related things have the biggest externalized effects (on people other than the person being treated).

    Personally, I’m waiting for the first Better Baby(TM) franchised clinic that promises to make your kids 4 inches taller and 10 IQ points smarter. They’ll be outlawed in 200 countries, but the other 40 will allow them, and affluent parents will fly in from around the world so their kids will have a leg up on getting in to Harvard…

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