One thought on “Planning on a permanent underclass seems a safe bet

  1. Heh… and Whole Foods is planning on a permanent overclass.

    Emo Girl to friend: Oh I love Whole Foods, its like Wal-Mart for Yuppies. — “Overheard in New York”

    Go to a branch of Whole Foods, the American-owned grocery shop, and you will see huge posters advertising Whole Foods, of course, but — more precisely — advertising how virtuous Whole Foods is. — James Bartholomew

    But let’s also dig into the professional-class obsession with fresh vegetables. Much research shows the frozen vegetables are at least as good nutritionally, but fresh vegetables have become the class-sign of the professional class, constantly mentioned by the media they read tut-tutting about how the poor are victims of capitalism … like any class-sign, it’s more expensive, easy to display, not particularly useful, and you need to be trained in the mores of the class to know that is an important thing to spend money on.

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