Charles Cook says Schulz can’t win

Therefore, according to Cook, he won’t run. I’m not so sure. This assumes that Schulz’s goal is to become President. That won’t happen. But what if his real goal is to prevent a progressive Democrats (who would raise taxes on the likes of him) from being President? His candidacy could easily accomplish that goal (and might well be the most effective means to that end).

Many Democrats and liberals are understandably freaking out over reports that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a life-long Democrat, is considering an independent bid for the presidency in 2020. The fears are well-placed. The candidacy of an amply-funded, center-left Democrat might very well split the anti-Trump vote in a November 2020 election and help Trump win re-election in a race that he otherwise might lose. These are not the bed-wetting fears that partisans often have.

One thought on “Charles Cook says Schulz can’t win

  1. Normally, I’d say this is too paranoiac to be believable. Normally, a full-throated progressive has no chance, because the Republicans can counter with a centrist, and suburbanites will vote Republican. (This is the scenario Nixon set up against McGovern. Though Mondale faced not a centrist Republican but a popular conservative (for his day) and the business cycle was against him.)

    But Trump really alienates the suburbanites, so a progressive Democrat might be able to win in 2020.

    Though I doubt that Schulz is motivated quite so cynically — He likely considers the snake-oil that he is peddling to be good for the country, and sees a risk that there will be no centrist in the race.

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