If the Republican Party had a spine, they could stop him

David Frum: “Trump has never been furtive. He commits his wrongs in the full glare of publicity. Bribes to Trump are not delivered by shadowy men in underground garages. They are collected right on Pennsylvania Avenue, in a garish hotel with Trump’s name right on the door. Trump does not stealthily embezzle Republican donations. The party simply books its events on his premises, every misappropriated dollar counted and disclosed. When Trump invited Russia to hack his opponent and deliver her emails to him, he did it on live television.

“Trump takes advantage of a human tendency to think, If he’s not ashamed, maybe he did nothing wrong. Normal people are taken aback by pathological people, and Trump is the most pathological president in American history.

“But we’re at the breaking point. The Ukraine story confirms that Trump will do anything. Anything. Everything.

“He relies on everybody around him being too dazed, too psychologically weak to resist him and uphold even the most basic legality and decency. So far, he’s gambled right. It’s time—way past time—to prove him wrong.”

The Ukraine scandal confirms that Trump knows he can act with impunity?and no one will stop him.

2 thoughts on “If the Republican Party had a spine, they could stop him

  1. It was noted back during the campaign that the farther a Republican was insulated from Republican voters, the more they dissed Trump. And the closer they were exposed to Republican voters, the more they praised Trump. So it’s clear that the critical question is what the Republican voters think about all this. This really is a matter of democracy (for better or worse), not whether the Republican elite can knock off someone the elites have always detested.

  2. Here’s the best description I’ve seen:

    “Which means that if public opinion turns in favor of impeachment, the Republican senators currently muttering “Nothing to see here, move along” may easily find their “questions” about his “troubling” behavior ripening into a firm belief that the president needs to go. Trump will have no party loyalty or longstanding relationships to fall back on; if voters are on board, Republicans will defenestrate Trump with great speed and greater joy.

    “For that to happen, though, a clear majority of the public must back impeachment. Not a mere plurality, or even a slim majority, but somewhere north of 60 percent of Americans saying they want the president removed. That would spare GOP senators the difficult choice between conscience and political expedience: A pro-impeachment majority that large would mean losing not only the presidency but also the seats of many senators who voted to keep Trump in office.”

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