A new, more civilized Reign of Terror

The heads that roll (and will roll) in our Reign of Terror are figurative, not literal. That’s really the basic distinction between our Reigh of Terror and Robespierre’s. Disloyalty to the new order (real or imagined) will not be toleraled.

One thought on “A new, more civilized Reign of Terror

  1. At some level this isn’t so unreasonable, that the President was elected to implement his agenda and that the professional apparatus around him shouldn’t try to thwart it. And that impulse is stronger for voters who see themselves as being in a different social class from the bureaucrats.

    The other side is that the President should be held accountable to the body of laws, administrative rules, etc. that form the business-as-usual of US government. That’s particularly desirable if one is of the same class as e.g. all the scientists at the EPA.

    Where the razor slices, I think, is the difference between the laws proper (which clearly the President must be held to account to) vs. all of the built-up bureaucratic rules and apparatus (which is, after all, just previous administration’s implementations of the laws).

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