Poem of the day

To Music, To Becalm His Fever
by Robert Herrick (1591-1674)

Charm me asleep and melt me so
      With thy delicious numbers,
That, being ravished, hence I go
      Away in easy slumbers.
            Ease my sick head
            And make my bed,
      Thou power that canst sever
            From me this ill;
            And quickly still,
            Though thou not kill,
                  My fever.

Thou sweetly canst convert the same
      From a consuming fire
Into a gentle-licking flame,
      And make it thus expire.
            Then make me weep
            My pains asleep;
      And give me such reposes
            That I, poor I,
            May think thereby
            I live and die
                  ’Mongst roses.

Fall on me like a silent dew,
      Or like those maiden showers
Which, by the peep of day, do strew
      A baptism o’er the flowers.
            Melt, melt my pains
            With thy soft strains;
      That, having ease me given,
            With full delight
            I leave this light,
            And take my flight
                  For heaven.

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