Que sera, sera

“What probably will be: an MLB-imposed mini-season starting in late July or early August; a union left to choose between mounting a legal challenge or begrudgingly accepting those terms; multiple players announcing their intentions to sit out rather than subject themselves to the health risk; a fight over how to treat those opting out; and a constant debate over the legitimacy of the season and its World Series champion.”

Even the union's latest proposal Tuesday doesn't suggest an agreement is imminent.

One thought on “Que sera, sera

  1. My suspicion is that the owners have a right to play any number of games, but by the contract they have to pay the players their per-game rate. OTOH, the Commissioner likely has the power to force the owners to get on with baseball, the only limit on the number of games being what will cause the owners to eject him from office. It seems unlikely the players can mount a legal challenge if they’re being paid full-rate but also there’s nothing the owners can do to lower the per-game rate without the union’s consent. The players and owners are fighting over the money; the real losers are the fans.

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