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  1. That’s one of those odd pieces that I can never tell if the writer is deliberately selling the reader, if the writer has bought their own bullshitized version of the truth, or if the writer is actually stupid. Because it’s fairly well known that if young people get Covid, the risks are not large. Yes, there’s a risk of bad things, but there’s a risk of bad things every time you drive a car fast, and young people, especially young men, know that you can hone your badass persona and impress the girls by driving fast. But the article avoids addressing what the actual risk is. Similarly, you wear a mask more to protect others than to protect yourself.

    The message that really needs to be gotten across — and strangely, public health people are unwilling to say — is that these are things you do for the benefit of other people, and that people who don’t do them are anti-social threats to society. And the way to persuade people to conform is an effective threat of punishment.

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