Republicans truly do live in a “post-fact” world

“Rather than look for campaign ammunition in the former vice president’s long track record of politically vulnerable votes and policy proposals, Trump has instead chosen to describe Biden as a godless Marxist bent on destroying the country with a radical agenda that would make Che Guevara blanch.

“The caricature is one that neither Biden’s critics nor supporters recognize — but it’s one Trump continues to promote.”

The president has concocted a profile of the presumptive Democratic nominee at odds with much of Biden’s personal and professional life.

One thought on “Republicans truly do live in a “post-fact” world

  1. I think the Republicans are hallucinating less than first appears, once you know how many of their voters categorize the world. E.g., if you consider one of the fundamentals of Christianity a strict sexual morality (of endorsement, if not of behavior), and that a bedrock of that is that (male) homosexuality is an abomination, then any compromise with gay rights is automatically “against God” (as the phrase goes).

    Similarly, if you detest the fundamental socialist principle (more or less, “all of us taking care of each of us”) it’s quite sensible to denounce Obamacare as “socialist”. A little more oddly, there is a substantial faction that believes the United States is particularly blessed by God because it was constituted to maximize individual liberty, and not become infected with socialism.

    And even in the mainstream media, it’s said that Biden’s platform is one of the most progressive in a long time.

    Of course, Trump’s rhetoric is bombastic, and he is hardly innocent of similar charges, but it’s not outlandish.

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