One thought on “These kids might be better off with Covid-19

  1. My first reflex was to wonder, given the “Wogs out!” policy, why kids *with* Covid weren’t being deported, too. But far enough into the article, it points out that their countries of origin won’t accept deportees who are Covid-positive.

    Upon coming back to this item to write the above comment, I noticed the facetious title “These kids might be better off with Covid-19” but wonder if it might be literally true. The chances of dying from Covid are something like 1%, but the economic benefits (increase in net present value of future wages) may be 1000% or more. People mine coal for worse deals than that.

    I remember reading an article in a (respected, liberal) newspaper that interviewed a family in west Africa. The risk of dying getting from there across the Mediterranean is about 5%. They’d just received word that the son they had sent north had drowned in the crossing. So another son was wrapping up his affairs and preparing to go north. As long as you’ve got enough sons to carry on the lineage, this is rational.

    Which reminds me that it used to be said that the greatest wealth difference across a border was between Mexico and the US. But these days, it may be between west Africa and Europe (in effect, if not literally). I believe it has something with the fact that the world population is getting gradually richer, and travel is effectively becoming cheaper.

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