Majority rule? We don’t need no stinking majority rule!

Basically, demographic changes are making it impossible for the Republicans to win majorities at the ballot box so they’re doing everything they can to hold back the tide and resist majority rule. But sooner or later, the young’uns won’t put up with it.

A Republican vote to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the next presidential inauguration could deepen the pressure on majority rule that is already threatening to engulf all elements of America's political system.

One thought on “Majority rule? We don’t need no stinking majority rule!

  1. As as soon as that dam bursts, the factions now in the GOP will have to enlarge the tent in order to win at all, meaning they’ll have to start compromising with people they haven’t had to heretofore. How that will play out is hard to tell; the major party realignments in the past have caused some pretty dramatic reshuffles of factions between the two parties. And the distribution of demographic groups among ideological groups isn’t fixed either. notes that younger black voters are decidedly less strongly Democratic-leaning than their elders.

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