Expertise? We don’t stinking expertise!

“Since the move, the agency has lost decades of expertise on a wide range of subjects, from climate change to antibiotic resistance, from rural economies to organic farming, leaving numerous projects in limbo and severely bottlenecking new research. Today, conversations between The Counter and more than 20 former and current ERS employees reveal that staff morale has plummeted. Many also assert that the agency is failing to live up to its mission due to severe understaffing and lack of stable leadership.”

That’s OK. All they ever did was kill trees by publishing reports.

One thought on “Expertise? We don’t stinking expertise!

  1. As far as I can tell, there’s a populist revolt against experts going on. That is, the working class wants to increase its equality with the professional class (in which experts reside) by cutting the power and pay of experts. It can’t raise the value of its own production, but it *can* cut what the government pays experts. As an economist wrote, that will probably reduce the consumption of the working class some, but it will surely reduce the consumption of the professional class more.

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