2 thoughts on “The schadenfreude is strong

  1. Oh, yeah, Trump has a lot of ugly things lined up. Among them is hundreds of millions of dollars of loans that he’s personally guaranteed that he has to renew … when all the banks that have worked with him in the past have dropped him. Criminal investigations in NY and Georgia. Several defamation lawsuits.

  2. Actually, I think things are worse than they appear for Trump. Not only does he have a host of problems, but I believe that the Congressional Republicans fear him (both for starting an insurrection and blocking their ambitions to run for president in 2024), and so does Big Business (for trying to overthrow the constitutional order and install populism, both of which are bad for business and for the calm enjoyment of an affluent retirement by executives). I think both groups will be working behind the scenes to ensure Trump’s troubles are enough to destroy any political future he has. Certainly, both have signaled that Trump will not get the usual exemption from legal scrutiny that ex-presidents usually enjoy.

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