The horns of a dilemna

There’s “a roiling debate in education, about how and even whether to measure the academic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation’s children — and how to describe learning gaps without stigmatizing or discouraging students and families.”

There’s no question but that millions of students have fallen behind. Two solutions. We spend the time to get them back up to where they should be. That could well mean repeating the lost year (or two). That’s stigmatizing and discouraging. Or we don’t. In which case, a generation remains behind. That’s also stigmatizing and discouraging.

One thought on “The horns of a dilemna

  1. Massachusetts has exempted this year’s graduates from having to pass the MCAS. This makes the kids feel better but guarantees that diplomas from this year will be stigmatized, because the qualifications for them are less than for other years.

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