2 thoughts on “The moral case is undeniable

  1. Thinking about this historically suggests we’re getting a little more civilized.

    The foundation work of the Western canon is the Illiad, which is about an explicitly genocidal war. This seems to have been completely normal for their times, across the world.

    The “Manifest Destiny” of the United States was less nasty. Its purpose was to despoil the Natives of their lands, but it did not take exterminating them as a goal. (The end of the Pequot War in 1638 is the first instance I know of “cultural genocide”, where the defeated group was (to be) eliminated culturally without killing all of their menfolk.)

    Zionism insists that a certain patch of land must be controlled by a certain tribe, but it does not take driving out the previous occupants as a goal.

    An exit from Manifest Destiny was re-admitting the Natives into the polity that was on their land when they were granted citizenship in 1934. Politically, this was feasible because there were sufficiently few Natives that they didn’t affect things politically (in the rich and powerful parts of the country). It doesn’t seem that the Israel/Palestine problem has this exit, as the number of Palestinians who can reasonably claim a right of return is large enough to overthrow the Jewish control of the state. It doesn’t help that there are no other places as prosperous that Palestinians can either claim or get permission to go to.

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