Poem of the day

The Love-Letter
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

Warmed by her hand and shadowed by her hair
      As close she leaned and poured her heart through thee,
      Whereof the articulate throbs accompany
The smooth black stream that makes thy whiteness fair,—
Sweet fluttering sheet, even of her breath aware,—
      Oh let thy silent song disclose to me
      That soul wherewith her lips and eyes agree
Like married music in Love’s answering air.

Fain had I watched her when, at some fond thought,
      Her bosom to the writing closelier press’d,
      And her breast’s secrets peered into her breast;
When, through eyes raised an instant, her soul sought
My soul, and from the sudden confluence caught
      The words that made her love the loveliest.

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