Poem of the day

The Double Fortress
by Alfred Noyes (1880-1958)

Time, would’st thou hurt us? Never shall we grow old.
         Break as thou wilt these bodies of blind clay,
Thou canst not touch us here, in our stronghold,
         Where two, made one, laugh all thy powers away.

Though ramparts crumble and rusty gates grow thin,
         And our brave fortress dwine to a hollow shell,
Thou shalt hear heavenly laughter, far within;
         Where, young as Love, two hidden lovers dwell.

We shall go clambering up our twisted stairs
         To watch the moon through rifts in our grey towers.
Thou shalt hear whispers, kisses, and sweet prayers
         Creeping through all our creviced walls like flowers.

Would’st wreck us, Time? When thy dull leaguer brings
         The last wall down, look heavenward. We have wings.

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