Money may not buy complete happiness

but it’s a component in happiness.

It’s often said that conservatives are happier than liberals. Or there may not be any happiness gap at all. Or maybe liberals are happier. It seems that people who live in blue states are happier (or should be) than those who live in red states.

A recent analysis reveals that the unhappiest state in America was in the Deep South.

One thought on “Money may not buy complete happiness

  1. This analysis seems bogus to me — rating various places on what the authors think should make people happy. But there are researchers who ask people how happy they are. One thing that’s been noticed for decades is that the average happiness level of a country isn’t correlated with its average wealth (once you exclude desperately poor countries). After a while, I started to ask myself … — Eventually someone published something that noted that being more affluent than the average in your country was correlated with being more happy. So yes, having more money than your neighbors makes your happier.

    And then there is: “As I reported a couple years ago, other traits besides geography correlate with higher levels of well-being, including being male, Asian, tall, a religious Jew, self-employed, higher-income, married and a parent. I actually found such a person, Alvin Wong, who says he is indeed very happy.” — “Hawaii Still the Happiest State”, by Catherine Rampell

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