Human costs? Well, duh!

“The U.S. advocacy group Human Rights First has compiled more than 10,000 reports of attacks, kidnappings and murders against migrants stranded in Mexico since President Biden took office in January 2021. The U.S. expels some migrants to Mexican states that Americans are advised to avoid visiting because of widespread crime and kidnappings. …

“Title 42 blocks migrants from seeking asylum [in direct violation of 8 U.S.C. 1158(a)(1)] …

“Despite its stated public health justification, the CDC order authorizing the expulsions was signed over the objection of top experts at the agency who did not believe the policy was justified.”

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus told CBS News the Trump-era border policy is also fueling repeat crossings by migrants, exacerbating operational challenges.

One thought on “Human costs? Well, duh!

  1. I remember once reading “the eXile’s first annual Fantasy Terrorism League”, which included:

    “A weighted evaluation will also be applied in the “kills” category, using
    the following scale:

    “1 American:
    = 1000 brown peasants
    = 10 Europeans (including Russians)
    = 5 Commonwealth English speakers
    = 2 Israelis”

    and if I am not misinformed the AP used to have a scale like that for rating whether disasters were significant enough to get a story.

    The point is that most Americans don’t consider adjusting US policy for the benefit of foreigners.

    More deeply is the philosophical idea that the well-being of foreigners is as important as the well-being of citizens. I think that is a big part of Orban’s grumbles about “liberal democracy”. Certainly it’s a big part of the liberal Boston Globe’s policy. But as many writers have noted, immigration and free trade are unpopular, and widely considered to benefit foreigners at the expense of citizens.

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