NATO is still relevant to some people

NATO’s original purpose was to protect member states from Russian (previously Soviet) aggression. Non-member states? Not so much. And admitting Georgia would be extremely provocative so it’s not going to happen. Presumably, the problem will go away when Georgia goes away (which is slowly happening through “borderization“).

As the transatlantic alliance turns 70, Georgia?situated on Russia?s doorstep?desperately hopes to join.

The cliff grows ever nearer and May’s foot is still on the gas pedal

I think John Oliver had the right analogy. The backers of Brexit promised the voters a unicorn and the best the Prime Minister could deliver was a horse with an ice-cream cone glued to its forehead because unicorns don’t exist, a fact that the hard-line Brexiters refuse to recognize.

Theresa May?s foray to Brussels to seek the E.U.?s aid in getting a deal through her Parliament ended in frustration, leaving her with no clear way forward.