“All politics is local” — Tip O’Neill

Far-right groups have been moving away from national organizing to focus on building grassroots support, harnessing conservative outrage to influence school boards and other local offices. That effort was stepped up after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol left much of the militant right under federal scrutiny and in operational disarray.

What is science writing (and science)?

“The best science writers learn that science is not a procession of facts and breakthroughs, but an erratic stumble toward gradually diminished uncertainty; that peer-reviewed publications are not gospel and even prestigious journals are polluted by nonsense; and that the scientific endeavor is plagued by all-too-human failings such as hubris. …

“Science is undoubtedly political, whether scientists want it to be or not, because it is an inextricably human enterprise. It belongs to society. It is interleaved with society. It is of society. …

“Science is often caricatured as a purely empirical and objective pursuit. But in reality, a scientist’s interpretation of the world is influenced by the data she collects, which are influenced by the experiments she designs, which are influenced by the questions she thinks to ask, which are influenced by her identity, her values, her predecessors, and her imagination.”

The pandemic made it clear that science touches everything, and everything touches science.

Joe Biden’s impotence on inflation

“Inflation has a unique power to kneecap a presidency. Incumbent presidents and their parties do not do well at all when inflation (and attempts to cure it) are on voters’ minds come election time. The gas pump, the supermarket check-out counter, the heating bill, the sticker on the windshield, provide — or seem to provide — powerful indictments against the party in charge.

“If that’s not enough to unsettle the White House and its allies, consider this: Presidents have almost no power to ease the pain of inflation, and the voting public cuts presidents no slack at all because of that impotence. Look into the toolbox of our country’s chief executive and you’ll find it empty of effective tools, filled instead with devices now obsolete or laughable or meaningless or politically destructive.”

Presidents have little power to bring down rising prices. History shows the public doesn?t care.

Whoever coined the motto “defund the police” should be shot

but only after being drawn and quartered, and dipped in boiling oil. This article details some of the alternatives to the traditional public safety approaches that are being tried.

Though the politics of police reform have shifted since a year ago, the movement to find new ways to ensure public safety is winning a number of fights in cities across the country.

The Onion’s customary accuracy

WASHINGTON?Unsettled by the party?s dismal performance in the Virginia governor?s race, Democratic leadership vowed Wednesday to work twice as hard in the coming months to muddle their agenda. ?Last night was a wake-up call that we need to refocus our efforts on alienating the American voter with vague goals and?

How could anyone be divided on this?

It has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with keeping people out. Biden, like Obama before him, is taking the “moderate” position in order to reach out to voters who will never vote for him.

Infighting between those who support tougher enforcement and those who favor expanding access to the asylum system has hindered the administration's border policy, officials told CBS News.